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BCOM 524 Winter A 2015

Assignment 02: Analysis of Persuasive Document

Dear Susan,

Thank you for working with me to address the communication issues between Oralee’s offices in Singapore and Dallas. The conference call with you and status reports from the operations and marketing teams will allow the workforce in Singapore to be better aligned with the headquarters in Dallas and facilitate inter-company learning. In our last status meeting , we discussed the need for a Vice President to head Oralee’s operations in Singapore. In this message, I want to provide additional details supporting the need for a Vice President to oversee the continued growth of Oralee’s operations in Singapore and South Asia .In addition; I want to make a case for being a suitable candidate for this new role.

Oralee is very well positioned for significant growth in South Asia .The sales teams have identified new opportunities for product penetration in additional markets in South Asia ( India ,China, Thailand and Indonesia). Market research has indicated a great demand for our products in these new geographies and an opportunity to add upto $100 million to our sales in the next two years.We need to pursue these new markets aggressively to generate considerable value for the company in South Asia.

The culture in South Asia is very hierarchial and job titles are very important in finalizing deals. Some potential clients have expressed their surprise upon learning that we have a manager heading the operations in Singapore. Our customers can be further incentivized to conduct business with us if they can deal with the Vice President in the company, since the culture gives a lot of symbolic value to the position. Oralee should consider appointing a Vice President for its operations in Singapore so we can manage our relationships with our major clients better by addressing the cultural needs of the region.

I believe I will be a great candidate for this new role. In my two years in Singapore I have built the production facility, hired staff and managed the production of multiple products that has contributed to the sales growth of $ 40 million. During this period I have learnt a great deal about the culture in South Asia and I have been able to build great relationships with our