ACOM 105: English Language Communication Skills

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ACOM 105: English Language Communications Skills
Assignment Task 2: Final Report

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Mental health is one of the main concern things in the western world today. As health plays vital role in enjoying the life with up and downs so to be healthy means not only by physically also by mentally. If anyone is mentally healthy he/she can feel confident and can adopt every situation easily it makes them easy to learn anything new thing. Different researches shows that the children and young who is been abused by both sexually and physically and who had psychiatry disorder, domestic violence, attention deficits and social alternation are prone to develop the mental health problem. Proper
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The mental health problems include anxiety, depression, emotional disorder, hyperkinetic, autistic spectrum disorder. Research shows that 10% of children and young people have mental health problems that affect their daily life in the periods and if they are not treated in time, that result in lifetime mental disorder (Membride, 2016). It is observed that best and positive parenting is the key to good mental health, toward success and gives strengths to fight against any difficult situations. The main aim of the report is to discuss the psychological and environmental effect on mental health and some possible solution to minimize the risk of mental health