AEB/3100 Student Diversity

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AEB 3100 Student Diversity in Early Childhood Education
Assessment 1a Questions for Mentor Teacher
1. How would you think a cultural background makes any affects on child’s learning? How (Sanders 2009)
2. How would you Incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders culture in your teaching, while you don’t have an indigenous children in your centre?
3. How would you identify that equality can be reasonable towards culturally children in one setting?(practice principle 4, equity and diversity
4. How would you support a child with medical condition/special need / diabetes in your practice? Are there any particular resources that you may use for sensory diversity (Ellen notbohm; ( Grandin 2006)
5. As professional educator how would you differentiated your
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Particular environment or have risk in their beliefs of abusing children as some cultures understanding that abusing children is an essential element of raising children appropriately. However this concepts interprets the threats to children well-being and interrupts the positive relationship with others. Therefore culture are shaped the family beliefs, childrearing, language, traditions , custom and so on. Due to this respect the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child: “Sets minimum standards against which the treatment of children in different countries can be judged” (Sanders 2009, p.19). Ultimately Sanders 2009, clarify that professionals needs to work beneficially and inclusively with young children. Professional needs to learn what works for particular child from particular socio-economic and cultural background. Professionals in the education field have the enormous responsibilities of collaboration, dedicate, engaging others in partnerships to empower families, and the communities in sense for achieving the best quality care for children development and the multicultural