Essay “AIDS in the Workplace”.-Case 8.1

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Case 8.1
There are six (6) questions asked in case 8.1.
Answers to Question 1
The moral issue in this case is when Carla Lombard heard the news from Tom Walters’s ex-wife- Frances, knowing that Tom had AIDS, she did not really worry about Tom but she felt sad. In fact if Tom has AIDS or not, Carlo still can promote Tom to be a manager of one of the branch shop, but she cannot fire Tom because of his illness. It’s illegal if Carla fire Tom.
Carla must be considerate because Tom has right to not disclose his health privacy because it is his personal issue. Carla is now facing difficulty on questioning whether she should continue employs Tom. If the customers find out that Tom has AIDS and they will boycott her bagels shop; but if Carla
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Answers to question 5
Yes, companies should develop programs or policies that deal specifically with AIDS. They should have prevention and treatment campaigns. Companies should let employees know well informed about AIDS, so they can understand clearly how the virus is transmitted and what and how interactions are safe.
The large corporations need to develop AIDS-awareness programs. AIDS should be treated no differently than any other disease because we have to respect confidentiality and follow the human right.

Answers to question 6
Tom has the moral obligation to disclose his medical condition to Carla. As an employee should be honest and should not hide the truth from his or her employer. Because when customers know one of the company’s employees has AIDS, the customers will loss of confidence to the company and scare to be influenced, and finally because of the employee, the company’s image will be downslide and its profit margin will drop. So, Tom has to disclose his medical condition to Carla early, to let Carla rearrange Tom’s work position that will not affect the company profit.
Yes, when a job applicant has a chronic, potentially debilitating medical condition, he or she should reveal that fact before being hired. Because when the company knows the job applicant has a chronic, the company will arrange him or her to a right work position. Besides that, the job applicant maybe will get the better medical offer from the company. It would be wrong not