AP Human Geography: The Qualities Of A Good Citizen

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What is a good citizen? One might say it is someone who is active in contributing to their society. It is someone who is responsible and respectful, someone who directs his or her self in accordance with the rights, duties, and obligations of their surroundings. A good citizen is someone educated and aware; someone who can make wise decisions. Becoming informed of geography contributes to all of these characteristics, and AP Human Geography is a good place to start. Learning about human geography will not just develop us as citizens of our Huntsville, Alabama community, or even just as citizens of the United States. Studying human processes and patterns- our interactions- across the world, examining human relationships, between the world …show more content…
Each of these topics is a step toward being a better global citizen.
Through learning of geographical perspectives, we will begin to understand our physical placements on Earth’s surface. Also, knowing certain geographic skills and methods affects the ability to react to situations. Being able to analyze and solve problems contributes to society, as well as being a good citizen.
Learning about the politics of our geography (how the Earth is organized into boundaries and countries, and the forces affecting that), the patterns of industrialization and economy over time, explanations for the growth and decline of population factors, and how land is used (whether it is rural or urban, or for agriculture or cities) increases awareness. Being educated on what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen is extremely important.
By learning about different cultures, we discover another perspective on the world. Seeing and understanding other viewpoints about how daily life is conducted brings character to humankind. It also brings an understanding of the importance of customs, leading to the maturity of consideration and