AP US History Summary Assignment: AP America's History

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a. Year settled: 1620
b. The original settlers were refuges from Europe searching for a place where they could practice whatever religion they wanted freely and without consequence2
c. The main religion was puritan2
d. They didn’t really tolerate other religions because they wanted everybody to worship the same god so that society would remain stable and without conflict.2
e. The settlers made money from trading/bartering or they could go whaling and hunt for food and sell it on the market. There were also other options like farming, ship building, and working as a blacksmith.
By 1700
f. a. Puritan work ethic is the belief that work is a moral value that represents character
b. Joint-stock companies have the characteristics of a corporation and partnership and sell only transferable stock.
c. The merchant class is a group of people that sell, buy, and trade goods internationally.
d. The Triangular trade was a trading route that consisted of goods coming from the coast of Africa(slaves), America(tobacco,cotton),and Europe(textiles).
g. a.The government was set up by the mayflower compact at first and King George would still rule them.3
b.They were able to secretly make the own government ruled by governor John Winthrop
c. By 1750 they started to follow the puritan churches as a way of government more puritans became leaders.
h. a. John Winthrop was a puritan lawyer and a leading figure in the development of the colony.
b. Meetings that the community would attend to fix problems and resolve conflicts.
c. Plymouth was the first spot the pilgrims settled at and is the oldest city in Massachusetts.
d. William Bradford was a separatist leader of Holland and the Plymouth colony.
e. The main body system or legislation of governing.
f. Only free white men who owned land could vote.
g. An agreement that would establish a government for the puritans going to the new world.
h. A government ruled by god or priests
i. During Salem witch trials were going on where people were either hung or prosecuted for witchcraft.
j. A military alliance between Massachusetts, Connecticut, Plymouth, and New Haven.
a. Year settled: 1607
b. They were a mix of people (upper crust, gold seekers, soldiers, etc.) all from England.
c. The main religion was Anglican but there was a lot of diversity4
d. Yes because since there were so many different people there religion was diverse.
e. a. Farming, selling tobacco, manufacturing b. c.
f. a. Immigrants who worked for no profit. b. People who were forced to work with no pay or rights. c. Divisions of parts of land under private ownership where slaves usually worked. d. It was a system of obtaining land