AS1 ICT CCEA Multimedia Documentation Essay

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For this task you have to evaluate your multimedia product, including its features, and the approach you took to creating it. Critical analysis is essential for gaining full marks as well as ensuring your work is well written and spell checked.

You need to consider whether your multimedia product: meets the original list of intentions; attracts the intended audience; puts the right information across; is easy to use and suitably interactive.

Additionally, you need to: identify the good and bad features of the multimedia product; describe any difficulties with the software that was used.

You would need to analyse all aspects of the task and the approach you have taken – from your initial discussions with
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Implementation [H2]
Interactive features [H3]
Why did you include the particular interactive features you chose? What was good about them? What was not so good? How would you improve these features? What other interactive features would you like to have included? Where there any features that you saw in the products you evaluated that you wished you could have included? Were the features that you did include complex enough?

Discuss each of the following which you have used analysing what was good / not so good about them, how you could have improved these features and whether a different approach to implementing each could have been adopted in the future. Also discuss the effectiveness of the interactive learning elements, such as drag and drop and multi-choice, in testing the users knowledge. How effective were the interactive diagrams in getting information across in a different way? Critically evaluate:

Drag and Drop exercises
Multi-Choice quizzes
Accepting user input
Interactive diagrams / images

What other interactive features would you have liked to include? Why didn’t you include them? i.e. constraints placed upon you by developing your product within the school system.

For each don’t forget to discuss what the client and the user said about them.
Navigation [H3]
How easy was it to design navigation? What is good / not so good about the navigation you have designed and implemented? Did you