ASPCA Persuasive Speech

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I) We all hate to see those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads, and we all have hear enough of the stories about how crazy PETA is, but what I going to talk about today is something not very often discussed by animal rights groups, and it is the euthanasian of the health animals. Not the animals that are left unwanted in shelters, but the animals that deemed unwanted by their owners because their behavior.
II) I have raised many animals, and recently someone I knew has euthanasia a cat that came from a litter of five kittens I found in the rainstorm a little over a year ago, so this issue has personal meaning to me.
A. The kittens I found were on the brink of death, and two of them died during my efforts to nurse them back to health.
B. When they were
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This cat was very affectionate, and one of the sweetest cats I raised, and I am disgusted by its senseless euthanasian.
Transition: First, we need to understand why this is a problem that far beyond animal abuse.
I) Owners of pets seem to think that they can be judge, jury and executioner when comes to euthanizing animals.
II) Healthy animals are being euthanized for irrational reasons.
A) Owners can have their pets euthanize upon request.
1. For most owners the choice to euthanize a pet can be difficult, but can blind to other options.
2. Reports have estimated that 50% of all euthanasians are the result of behavior problems. (Salman 1998)
3. According to American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines in all states, licensed veterinarians are allowed to euthanize animals, while in other state employees of the shelters and impound facilities better known as simply pounds are also allowed to euthanize. (Leary 2013)
B) This wrongful euthanasia adds to the already growing number of animals that are being euthanized each year.
1. Animals are being euthanized in shelter because of overcrowding of unwanted animals who aren’t adopted.
2. The ASCPA estimates that approximately 2.7 million unwanted animals are euthanized each year. (ASCPA
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I learn that no matter the audience you never want to add open response questions as they must unhelpful as the survey taker will often misinterpreted the question most often and will write whatever they think fits best. But, despite that I put two open response questions in my survey. The first question was a trick question. I asked if they believed in animal rights, and I knew no one would deny it. But, I also asked why they believe this, and it gave me what I wanted to know. Their responses showed just me the level of connect they felt with animals. The next open question surprised me the most. I asked my audience how my audience felt about PETA, and what I found is that most my audience did not know what PETA. This told me to avoid talking about animal rights groups. I also found most of my audience do not have pet, but the felt the animal rights were