Reflection Questions And Answers

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Reflection Questions
After reading Chapters 1–6 in the McCullough text, answer the reflection questions below. Type directly in the boxes; they will expand as you type. Use complete sentences.
Chapter 1
Q: In your own words, define “godly character” and explain why it is important for a Christian educator to display such.
A: Godly character is not only believing in God, it is living by the word of God. There is no such thing as being perfect, therefore part of being “godly” is to accept and criticism that may come your way. Being kind and giving are some characteristics of a godly person. Christian educators are not only expected to display such conduct, they should also hold themselves responsible to do so. It shouldn’t be something
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When teachers have their one set way of teaching, it is difficult for students who may learn differently to catch on. For example; I am a hands on learner. I like to experience certain things in order to learn them. In high school, I was in a wood shop class and the teacher handed out instructions and said “go make it”. To me, this was not an easy task. I would have liked to either watch the teacher build what we were making first or work as a class before being put on our own to build it. I don’t feel that anyone in the class built the chair correctly because we didn’t know what we were doing. It would have had a better outcome had we been taught more in depth about what we were about to do.
Chapter 5
Q: In your own words, describe the important role that peer relationships play for students in the classroom learning environment.
A: Peer relationships are one of the most important factors in a classroom learning environment right next to the relationship they develop with their teacher. It is imperitive that the students are all comfortable with one another in order to have the best learning experience possible. For example; when I was in Biology in high school, we had to present a project and I was very proud of the way my project turned out, but I was the youngest in the class and didn’t interact with my classmates much at all before we had to present our projects. Half of the grade