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I appreciate the opportunity I have had during the last year of working with the physicians and staff of the company. This past year has been an especially challenging business environment, however our accomplishments have continued to build, and I have high expectations for this success to continue for the foreseeable future. Here are some highlights of how thecompany has grown under my leadership:
Reduced annual expenses by over $1,252,681(i.e. billing staff, billing rate, insurance, etc…)
Implemented Durable Medical Equipment ancillary producing an annualized net revenue average of $132,000.00 in additional income.
Relocated staff and equipment into new building with only ½ day of clinic downtime.
Reduced staff by 10% while patient volumes increased to 162% of previous year’s volumes.
Implemented new EHR, while increasing patient volumes.
Decreased to 31 (average) Days in AR.
Collections increased to 47%
Oversaw implementation of new website.
Implemented policies and procedures, HIPAA, OSHA, and fraud waste and abuse compliance.
Successfully refrained from accessing line of credit, despite 2 major payor holds, and low operating cash on hand levels, over the past year.

Presently we are executing an exciting merger with X that will significantly reduce overhead costs. In addition, this merger will immediately bring the option of Physical Therapy to those who would like the benefit of revenue from this ancillary. We are also implementing MRI,