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Aaron Arnold
English The Killing of Cesar

`In the play “Julius Cesar” the use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos is common. Ethos is a ethical appeal to convince the audience of credibility of a character. Pathos evokes emotions of fear. An Logos is a logic appeal to convince and audience.

“Ethos is commonly used way during “Julius Cesar” when Marc Anthony spoke the crowd after the killing to Cesar the first line of his speech is the most convincing; “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!” This shows Anthony’s way of trying to get the crowds hearts with his status as a trustworthy man. He uses irony throughout his speech speech constantly questioning the trustworthiness of Brutus. Brutus uses ethos in his speak a lot saying that he was a very respected man by the Romans, saying that he never lies to the people and that anything that he says had to be correct. Mark Anthony attacks Brutus many times during his speech saying; “And Brutus is an honourable man.” Anthony then say that he means not to go against Brutus and then says that the men who killed Cesar did the wrong thing.

Romeo was invited to the masquerade by mistake by an illiterate servant of Capulet, but Romeo was not even going to the party to see Juliet. Romeo finds Juliets house and hears her talking “see how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O’ that I wore a glove upon that hand” That I might touch that cheek. She says she wishes Romeo would be nant him not to be a Montague. “tis thy name that is thy Romeo and Juliet fall in love and decide to get