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From a very young age, I have been interested in the way businesses are run: how shops are laid out, how they sell themselves to the customer, asking myself why are similar products so differently priced? My enthusiasm for businesses grew from spending countless hours after school in my youth at my father’s furniture business in Northern Pakistan. I was intrigued by by the 00923414417799

Ever since whenI was little there have always been business career that have sparked my interest that I’ve wanted to pursue, which I got from my father.
Northern Pakistan. He is an inspiration for me from my childhood kept on drawing a sketch of following his footsteps. After completing my degree with good grades I would love to share the burden of my family economically by doing some job as I belong to a family having large number of individuals.
My enthusiasm for Business Studies and Management grew from a visit in my youth to my father's newspaper office at Canary Wharf. I was intrigued by the amount of work and effort that was put into running a daily newspaper, wondering how it was possible to manage so many people and run a business that involved such careful delegation and use of time.

I want to exchange my knowledge about Gilgit Baltistan, its versatile and unique culture with great number of diversified people. My passion and zeal for higher education induce me to avail such an opportunity which can set standard of my educational career very high as well as it will be helpful to remote area which I belong to in many ways. Since the time I decided to get higher education, my aims and goals become vivid about my future and my career. The pedestal of success in one’s life is his/her aims and goals which he/she settled in his/her early life as my aims and goals were to achieve higher education with good grades as I did earlier. Now, I can see opportunity in form of John Anderson Scholarship. My ambition is to travel all over the world to see the different people and their unique life styles. Studying business is not only my interest but passion. I want to avail this scholarship to fulfill my utmost desire of studying business in U.K. After completion of my Masters, I would like to contribute my best part in the development and prosperity of first and only university (Karakorum International University) in Gilgit-Baltistan. There are other institutions in my area where I would like to provide my services in many ways most probably I will conduct career plan seminars and gatherings at different levels in various institutions.
From a very young age, I have been fascinated in the way businesses are run; there power to transform individual lives and elevate society from poverty and disparity is one facet that has driven me to learn more about them. My enthusiasm for businesses grew from a visit in my youth to my grandfather’s microfinance bank in Northern Pakistan. I was intrigued by the level of impact microcredit can provide to help individuals and communities to develop and break the cycle of poverty in a way that is more sustainable than charity. Overtime my intrigue turned to passion, which led me to pursue a degree in accounting and finance. My training and reading so far has equipped me with fundamental tools to be able to understand the financial world and individual businesses, but this hasn’t satisfied my desire to find solutions to major problems facing humanity today. A Masters in Strategic Market Creations would provide me with a solid foundation in factors that drive business development and ultimately enable me to solve global problems through innovative business solutions.

Apart from my formal routine I feel pleasure to give voluntary services, as I am an active member of Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board, Aga khan social welfare Board, Aga khan economic planning board and Focus Humanitarian Assistance. Especially my voluntarily work with Focus Humanitarian during Earthquake 2005 was significant. Other than my