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Every minute somewhere around the world a new life is brought into this world. It takes nine months to make that new born bundle of joy. Right when you give life to that child you look at that child with a whole new prospective of life. Now think about this, why would you give that up and ruin it with an abortion. Abortion is the delibrate termination of a human pregnancy, which kills a child before it even has time to fully form. So many abortions take place every year and so many people especially the younger people of today choose to get abortion and kill the child within them. Pro-life should be established to this and abortion should be illegal. If you arent ready to have a kid than you should have took the steps to make sure that you didn’t get pregant. Abortion shouldn’t be an option given. It’s killing a life even if its not fully formed your killing the child and it’s the exact same thing like killing a child fully formed. Would you kill a child fully formed? No should’ve been your answer and if it was than why would you terminate your pregancy? Abortion should be illegal and be put to immediate stopped not only in the United States of America but the whole world because it is murder to an innocent child and is a health risk to the mother followed by emotinal pain. Abortion is the delibrate termination of a human pregnancy. A lot of people believe that abortion is a very big issue. Abortion does away with innocent children being able to live. Ultimately looking at this situation as murder. A child is conceived with love and the mother should love her child through everything. Life of that child begins the moment the conception starts. That child in your stomach, in the womb, once that child is concieved it is living. The child is an unborn voice unheard and beofre hearing or even seeing that child born, because of abortion one third of the United States population decides to termiante this child. Abortion is not the soulution nor is the pregnancy a problem. Abrotion is wrong and a very big issue that has been occuring way back to the 1800’s. 1973 was when the law of abortion becames legal in the United States of America. Even before the actually law was passed there was issues with abortion back in the 1820’s. People were passing around poison just for abortion. By the 1900’s abortion was pretty much illegal in every state. Abortion was sometimes accepted only if the womens health was at risk, she was raped, or incest. By the 1930’s atleast 800,000 abortions were being performed each year and illegally. Illegal abortions were very dangerous and even at times led to death. 1967 was the year that everything changed. Colorado and California made Abortion legal. After that June 1970 New York followed by being the sixteenth state allowing abortion. Alaska and Hawaii had laws to the abortion but was legal in those two states. Twelve other states allowed abortion to be legal under the circumstances that the women was raped, committed incest, or the mother’s life was In jeopardy. These states being; Virginia, South Carolina, Oregon, North Carolina, New Mexico, Mississippi, Maryland, Kansas, Georgia, Delaware, Colorado, Arkansas. This problem as you can see has been and major issue since the mid 1800’s beginning 1900’s. Because of abortions more than 1.2 million abortions take place each year. Big religious debates and views have been going on ever since abortion became well known. Till this day abortion is a big problem we are still trying to get rid of. Abortion affects so many people, not only the women but also the children and the men. Women are affected majorly for the one fact that this abortion operation is being performed on them. So many things can affect the woman physically too mentally to emotionally. Physically a woman can have many side effects such as abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and spotting or bleeding. Your period suppose to return but there still could be spotting or bleeding before…