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Rebel Sport Media Plan:

 Identifying the Problem/Opportunity: Need to train new sales’ team staff member with online training using Internet as the communication media
 Decision Criteria: reach the completion of 20 fully trained staff members every month, overall cost $30 000/Month.
 Prioritized Decision Criteria: Effective training rater than duration
 Consideration of Alternatives: If training is not conclusive for the trainee, restart and relocate staff members across the shops.
 Decisions Made: Based on the evaluation and the feedback of the trainees, we will decided to extend the training up to 18 month and on daily basis with a supervisor for every group of 5 new trainee if needed.

Presentation Skill Self-evaluation


(rank from 1 to 5, 5 being ‘always’ and one being ‘never’)

1) I determine some basic objectives before planning a presentation.

2) I analyze the values, needs and constraints of my audience.

3) I write down some main ideas first, in order to build a presentation around them.

4) I incorporate both a preview and review of the main ideas as my presentation is organized.

5) I develop an introduction that will catch the attention of my audience and still provide the necessary background information.

6) My conclusion refers back to the introduction and, if appropriate, contains a call-to-action statement.

7) The visual aids I use are carefully prepared, simple, easy to read, and have impact.

8) The number of visual aids will enhance, not detract, from my presentation.

9) If my presentation is persuasive, arguments are used that are logical and that support my assertions.

10) I use anxiety to fuel the enthusiasm of my presentation, not hold me back.

11) I ensure the benefits suggested to my audience are clear and compelling.

12) I communicate ideas with enthusiasm.

13) I rehearse so there is a minimum focus on notes and maximum attention paid to my audience.

14) My notes contain only "key words" so I avoid read up from a manuscript or technical paper.

15) My presentations are rehearsed standing up and using visual aids.

16) I prepare answers to anticipated questions, and practice responding to them.

17) I arrange seating (if appropriate) and check audio-visual equipment in advance of the presentation.

18) I maintain good eye contact with the audience at all times.

19) My gestures are natural and not constrained by anxiety.

20) My voice is strong and clear and is not a monotone.

Significance of occupational health and safety, privacy laws, codes of practice, ethical principles, anti-discrimination legislation in making a presentation:

- Health and safety: an Trainer must provide an safe and healthy workplace for the trainee. For example, providing an adequate training, supervision, facilities and safety measures.

- Privacy laws: the National Privacy Principles (NPP) is consisting of 10 rules about personal details collection between businesses and individuals.

- Codes of practice: Trainee and Trainer both have rights and responsibilities.

*Trainees must: Work safely to protect themselves and others from injury and follow all instructions, for example: wear all personal protective equipment provided, follow safe work procedures, not behave in a way that puts themselves or others at risk.

*Employers must: Properly orientate, train and supervise staff to ensure safe work practices are understood and followed by all trainee, Consult with all trainee about decisions that will affect safety in the workplace. Provide suitable