Abasic State Anti-Bullying Report

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School Bullying has become an issue and needs to be addressed due to pervasive racism, questionable social media interaction, and wrongly perceived self-importance.
“Why are you that color?” A boy said at the swings, leaving Marvell without words. The build of racial bullying would make Marvell’s mother, Vanessa Robinson, take him from his school and homeschool him. Marvell Robinson was playing in school, when suddenly his classmate disrespectfully poured an anthill on him at the playground. Black families have become one of the fastest-growing in homeschooling, with black students making up 10 percent of the homeschooling population
Social media has a much larger reach, allowing kids from around the world to gang up on one to keep attacking.
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She gives the definition of bullying and disability-based harassment, types, the impact, and the school response; the main statements of a comprehensive bullying prevention program, schoolwide activities, and classroom and individual-level interventions; and data-based decision making, developing and distributing a school bullying report form, and analyzing data for school improvement planning. ("Recognize, Respond, Report: Preventing and Addressing Bullying of Students With Special Needs." Nov. 2015.)
Abasic state anti-bullying law is associated with significantly lower in-person and cyber-bullying reported in schools by looking at a new study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.
In states that include at least one of 16 federally recommended anti-bullying components in their anti-bullying laws, investigators found high school students were 24 percent less likely to report being bullied generally and 20 percent less likely to report being bullied online than students in states whose anti-bullying laws did not match federal guidance.
Lead author Mark L. Hatzenbuehler and colleagues at the University of Iowa at Iowa City and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta analyzed reports of bullying, in school and online from nearly 60,000 high school students in 25 states that passed anti-bullying laws between 1999 and 2011. All 50 states now have such
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The use of electronics to harm, embarrass, threaten, or spread rumors has begun to replace traditional bullying. Victims don't feel safe because they can be attacked anywhere at anytime. We need to stop cyberbullying by educating citizens and enforcing laws against it. Cyberbullying only takes a push of a button to harm another person. It is a risk someone is more likely to take when no one around to see where it came from; an easy, sneaky, and rude way to cause harm. This bully is faceless, and their victim's unnoticed pressure is unbearable. Old school bullying is easier to catch and prevent. (Hamele, 2015.) So now schools need to come up with bullying programs such as “The Bully