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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela once said this and I apply it to my life dramatically. I understand that the only way to get ahead and be better than the rest starts with an education. The higher the job I want the higher the education I need. I could start on the bottom and work my way up but I can only get so far without a degree, certification, or license. My grandpa created his own business without ever finishing high school but times have changed and more and more people are out there hungry for work. There are many degrees out there but my only concern is getting my masters of science in nursing. Why? I want to be the best of the best of the best. Although, there are steps to get there, first I must get my Associates degree in nursing, then I must get my bachelor’s degree in nursing, and then once those are both complete I will be able to pursue my masters.
The first step to getting my masters of science in nursing is to get my associates degree in nursing, and to do that I must “first complete all pre-requisites to apply and in the case here at Temple College it is best to finish all of my co-requisites to make me more competitive in the application process.” 1 These include Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Composition 1, Psychology, Lifespan Growth and Development, and a Fine arts Credit. Completeing all of these with an A will make me highly competive and give me a stronghold in the application process. The Hesi test is another variable in the application process. It is a standardized test covering math, reading and comprehension, and vocab with general knowledge. In order to gain any weight from this test I must make at least an 85. Scoring any higher can only better my position. I am going to strive for a 90. Living in Temple College’s school district will also be beneficial to me. Once I have been accepted into the nursing program I will have to conduct a background check with the board of nursing. This is slightly daunting for me due the fact I have a criminal record. No felonies but a few misdemeanors that may or may not disqualify me. However, I do not let this deter my motivation. I trust in the Lord and if he wills me to be accepted into the program he will take care of the background check for me. Once in the nursing program I will have two years of nonstop studies which will range from Pharmacology, Med surge, and care of children and families. Students will start clinicals their second semester at Temple College and will continue to work in hospital like settings until they have graduated with an associate’s degree in nursing. Upon nearing completion of the nursing program students will take another standardized test called the NCLEX. Passing this test will grant the student their license to be a Registered Nurse.
The next step I will take in furthering my education will be to get my bachelors degree of science in nursing. This will broaden the opportunities for me to be able to pick and choose the job I would like. Many hospitals now require their nurses to have their bachelors and bringing mine to the table will be greatly beneficial to my résumés arsenal. It will only take an additional two to three years to finish the bachelor’s degree of science in nursing and will pay about three thousand more dollars a year. This does not seem much because it is on the entry level but once I have worked there for a while I will be able to move up in the ranks more than someone with just an associate’s degree of science in nursing.