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Whether it is inside of the Canadian Armed Forces or in another organization in the outside world, it is important to complete the tasks that are assigned to you. The Canadian Armed Forces is a massive organization that defends our country by receiving and completing tasks with specific time limits and is run this way to have a smooth and simple, yet strong defense for the country. Even though some tasks that a Canadian Armed Forces member may receive in his or her career may not seem very significant on their own, every task assigned to a Canadian Armed Forces member can and will serve a purpose in the long run to assist in the defense of our country and our allies. Having a strong memory in the Canadian Armed Forces can be a beneficial, tactical and useful attribute that should be and can be shown by all members who serve in the defense of our country. It should and can be used by all as many situations can rely strictly on and individual’s memory to solve a pressing problem or complete a task, simple or complex in nature. A good example of this memory attribute in action would be when a member of the Canadian Armed Forces or any other world military personnel has been given some specific orders and directions on a mission plan so that his or her squad of soldiers can navigate a certain dangerous area safely. It would be on the leader of the squad to remember those precise directions and orders or else it could cause potentially fatal results for the entire squad. On a smaller, calmer office scale, a member could be given a strict timeline by his supervisor to complete some work and if it has not been completed on time or if it had been forgotten about completely by the Canadian Armed Forces member, consequences could come to the member as well as the Canadian Armed Forces member whom the paperwork was for. This specific situation could easily receive some negative implications such as the member not being paid or their personal information not being set up properly and benefits