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ABC Associates Ethics Policy
ABC Associates is an industry leading developer of software for the financial services industry. Our clients deploy mission critical online banking and payment solutions developed by ABC. We strive to compete, be profitable, and be the company of choice that banks can rely on for software and services. ABC is also committed to the highest ethical standards to ensure our clients a high degree of compliance with regulatory, risk control and quality security measures. All employees are bound by this code of ethics and conduct and all employees will train E our company ethics program to ensure all employees are stewards and ambassadors of ABC code of ethics in every business endeavor, each and every day.
ABC Ethics Standards and Procedures
ABC strives to
A. Ensure utmost integrity in all its business dealings
All employees will work with the utmost integrity in all its dealings with clients, vendors, and the industry in general. Employees will not engage in any conduct involving bribery, whether offering or accepting, as a means of winning or giving business to any client and vendor. Employees will communicate all product functions and features and pricing as communicated and documented in our product brochure and no client shall receive promises of functionality that does not exist nor is in ABC’s committed three year roadmap.
B. Provide an open, respectful, and collaborative work environment
ABC strives to treat all employees equally regardless of race, color, national origin, gender or disability. Managers are encouraged to allow all employees to speak their mind whether positive, critical, when such speech is done with the intent of ensuring ABC is a great place to work that continuously strive to improve its products and customer experience. ABC will not tolerate any inappropriate language, conduct, harassment, body language, or other verbal words or nonverbal actions that serve to undermine, intimidate and harm fellow employees.
C. Respect all Employee Health and Well Being
In this competitive global market, companies often push employees to exceed expectations in all they do. ABC is committed to balance the interests of the company, whether around product delivery, client satisfaction, and revenues and profits, with the wellbeing of its employees. Employees will not work weekends and will be expected to take all annual vacation and holidays. If sick, ABC provides compensation time to ensure employees seek medical attention.
D. Be loyal to our company and our clients
Employees will respect client and ABC confidentiality and will never utilize proprietary technology and materials for their own personal advantage and economic gain. The company will expect employees to use all knowledge of proprietary technology and trade secrets to advance the interest of ABC. Furthermore, as client trust is critical to our success, Employees will ensure that all confidential information is strictly guarded and shared only with those authorized to hear the information whether in writing, email, PC, verbal discussions, presentations or any other forms of communication.
Ethics Training Program

All employees who work at ABC will be immediately inducted in the ABC ethics training program. The ethics training program curriculum supports our code of ethics and conduct by offering specific company expectations and guidance around:
1. Legal Compliance
Bank software and the financial services industry in general must adhere to strict regulatory guidance. This course will train employees on key elements of laws our software must comply with including:
1. Sarbannes Oxley Accounting Requirements
2. Dodd Frank Act Financial Services Rules and Disclosures
3. ISO20022 payments standards compliance
4. Anti -Money Laundering and Office of Foreign Asset Control Compliance

2. Workplace Harassment and Bullying
This ethics training course will focus on guiding employees on what kinds of harassing and intimidating