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Running head: ABC, Inc., Recruiting and Selection Policy

ABC, Inc., Recruiting and Selection Policy
Mary J. Shaw
Altenburg, Missouri
This study examines the recruiting and selecting policy of ABC, Inc. Recruiting and selecting the right people is paramount for the success of ABC, Inc. The policy is set to ensure the best people are recruited on their skills and merit. The first part of the study is examining the steps they take to recruit and select applicants for open positions. The second part of the study will be a discussion on any strengths or weaknesses the policy may have. Finally, the conclusion will be steps for improving any weaknesses that were discovered and updating the policy to ensure that it continues to ensure they select the right people.
ABC, Inc., Recruiting and Selection Policy
ABC, Inc. is one of the leading barge companies in the United States, which employs talented individuals with diverse skills, encourage a team environment, and value diversity. They employ over 2,400 employees throughout the United States.
Establishing requirements:
1. When a vacancy occurs, current staffing is reviewed. Various options may be considered. These include reviewing the duties and responsibilities, delay in recruiting, not filling the position, or seeking temporary or permanent replacement.
2. Once authorization is received to fill the position, HR will work with the department manager to agree on the role of the vacancy. HR will draft a job description and work with the manager for any additional duties or responsibilities. HR will work with the Benefits and Compensation department to grade the position if it is a new posting.
Selection criteria:
1. The selection criteria will be objective and derived from the duties listed in the job description. Selection criteria will consist of: education level, skills, licenses required for the position; drivers, pilots, diving, etc. TALEO Business Edition allows for selection criteria questioning that the applicant answers when completing the application. The criteria must be measurable and open to assessment, either through the selection method, or by questioning the candidate at interview.
Practical arrangements:
1. The department manager decides who will be involved with the hiring process. The composition of the panel will be appropriate to the seniority of the post. HR will always participate in the interview panels.
Administrative arrangements:
1. HR is responsible for sending out invitations to interview, scheduling interviews, making offers, preparing employment contracts, and monitoring equal opportunities data. HR notifies unsuccessful candidates and providing feedback. Sterling Info Systems is responsible for performing background checks and checking references.
1. HR will post open job postings in TALEO Business Edition, this system allows for internal postings and external postings.
Receiving and processing applications:
1. HR is responsible for processing the applications. Starting with percentage given in the selection criteria, TALEO assigns a percentage starting with 100% qualified. This saves HR time in shot-listing candidates.
Selection Method:
1. Once candidates are selected they are contacted for an interview. HR sends an email generated from the TALEO system inviting them to an interview.
2. Interview questions are drafted by the department manager and submitted to HR for approval. Interviewers are provided with the candidates’ application and interview questions.
3. HR prepares any selection tests that are required for the position. The interview will consist of the panel selected by the department manager and HR.
4. When the candidate arrives they should be made to feel at ease, given a tour of the facility or given a presentation about the company and the type of job they will be doing. Any test that may be required will be administered at this time.
5. The interview will last about 30-40