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For the purposes of my graded unit I intend to assist a patient with a mini make-over and manicure by providing all the resources needed. The project will take part in three stages; Planning, Developing and Evaluating. Throughout the project I will describe all the details of the activity and any of the actions that have been taken. I will also describe any research that has been taken which relates to the patient’s condition as well as how the patient and I feel after the delivery of the activity I have chosen.
To adhere to the NMC Code of Conduct which states that “You must respect people’s right to confidentiality”, the patient I have chosen will be referred to as ‘Sharon’.
Past History of Patient and Medical History
Sharon is a 56 year old female who lives alone in a ground floor flat and has been a patient at Crosshouse Hospital for 9 and a half months. In the past she has been admitted to hospital with recurrent UTI’s – Urinary Tract Infections, Depression and a Respiratory Arrest. Sharon has also been admitted 5 times in relation to bowel problems due to her being a previous alcoholic. In April 2012, Sharon was admitted to Crosshouse Hospital with severe abdominal pains which led to her being taken to theatre for a procedure called a Laparotomy, which is a surgical procedure that involves having a large incision through the wall of the abdomen to allow access into the abdominal cavity to find out what is causing the pain. Sharon has been given numerous procedures while in hospital due to infections occurring and other cancerous diseases being identified. The procedures that she has had done are:
Right Hemicolectomy
This is a procedure that takes away around half of the large intestine due to cancer. According to an NHS page “It is necessary to remove so much bowel because of the way the blood supply looks after the bowel rather than because the disease is extensive”. After the procedure, Sharon had numerous staples or “clips” on her stomach where the procedure took place and a dressing was placed over them to prevent infection. A catheter was also inserted to ensure her bladder was kept empty and an Ileostomy was given.

An ileostomy is an opening that is constructed by bringing the end of the small intestine out of the body and onto the top of the skin. Waste from the intestine passes out of the ileostomy and into a bag that gets stuck…