Abduction Murder Tourture Essay

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Roxanne James
World Lit.
March 29, 2013
Mrs. Collins
Abduction, Torture and Murder Imagine in the middle of the night you are woken up by someone in a resistance army with a gun and they say come with us or we kill your family. But then you go with them and you have to kill your own family and your only ten years old. Well this happens every day in the Republic of Congo in Africa. This is called torture. It is a violation of human rights. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has been active since 1986 making the group the oldest violent armed groups. They launch violent attacks killing the old and weak with machetes and basically being maimed. The rebels capture the people who can be useful like children. Then they take them to a camp where they are tied together and turn them into soldiers and sex slaves. Captives were forced to kill and rape family and friends. Those who refused were killed. Even though they don’t know the leaders whereabouts they shouldn’t use children in an army because in reality capturing abducting and torturing children is wrong. The reasons for this are it inflicts psychological trauma, they face huge reintegration back into their communities and also people who aren’t involved with the LRA suffer from poor education due to the rebels destroying the schools. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) children are being taken, tortured and used as soldiers in a rebel group. They use children because they are easy to brainwash and their brains are underdeveloped. According to Warchild.org children are being used in armed conflict in DRC. This means that children are being taken from their communities and trained to be a solider. Also children are displaced from their homes and to live in unsanitary and poor facilities. This topic is important because they are violating human right laws. This should be obtained by anybody including children. We should solve this problem because child abduction is not only wrong but it is…