Biography Of Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky on February 12,1802. Lincoln didn't go to school much. A lot of his knowledge came from reading books and experiencing things in real life, but he did attend some schools. Lincoln married Mary Todd, they were not happy and they had always argued. Mary would throw things and yell as Lincoln would walk out on her to let things settle down. They were married for 22 years as all of this was going on. Lincoln and Mary had 4 kids named Robert Todd Lincoln, Tad Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln, and Edward Baker Lincoln. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865, while Lincoln was in a theater with his wife watching a play. He was shot in the back of the head and rushed to the nearest house for treatment. Lincoln became involved with politics, because he thought that he could benefit immensely from it, economically, and intellectually. He first ran in the Illinois House of Representatives for four terms, then shortly after that he had become a U.S. Senator. He finally became president for 2 terms once his senator days were done. He had won his election because the democratic party had to split into 2 fractions, North and the South. He faced some political issues such as the civil war, abolitionism, and the ending of slavery. Lincoln broke an assortment of laws and ignored some constitutional provisions after another., He declared war without actually declaring war. Lincoln once had said,” It doesn't make sense to lose the nation,but preserve the constitution.” After all Lincolns presidency was successful considering he pretty much ended slavery. His legacy was to have more equality between white people and African Americans. All of his intentions were mostly positive towards his beliefs. He was criticized about how ugly he was, and slave holders hated him for ending slavery. They had thought it would ruin the southerner economy and some peoples slave careers. He was also a very considering and honest president, this is where he got the name, “Honest Abe.” Now George bush was a little different. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He graduated from two different colleges, unlike Lincoln. He graduated from Yale University and Harvard Business School. He met Laura Welch in Texas,and then soon after they were happily married. Lincolns marriage was more on the bad side. Bush and Laura had two baby twins named Jenna and Barbara Bush. George has not died yet. George started to become a politician at about the same time him and his wife got married. Once he was married, he ran for the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, Bush had lost the House of Representatives campaign. He reverted back to assisting his father in campaigning across the country. He was soon the governor of Texas, then eventually he had become the president of the U.S. Bush portrayed himself to be a compassionate conservative winning more and more votes throughout the election. He kept saying that he was more centrist