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Throughout the years children go through many changes and this will affect the way that they participate and learn in the classroom. Since these changes are occurring teachers have to ensure that they are prepared to deal with the changes, and that they can effectively incorporate strategies to promote healthy development of the students. Students learn different at each and every stage in their development and this paper will describe their temperament and personality development and how to manage a classroom with these changes occurring. It will also describe strategies for promoting psychosocial, moral, and physical development in the classroom. Lastly this paper will describe the constructive process in learning and memory while identifying instructional strategies that facilitate students’ construction of knowledge. Everyone in this world has developed a personality and temperament as a child. This personality is the result of many different factors one being heredity, meaning that they received genes from their parents that show ways in which someone acts or thinks. Temperament is a genetic disposition to respond in particular ways to one’s physical and social environments. Ormrod states “children seem to have distinct temperaments almost from birth” (pg. 62). Temperament can be many different things in children, it can affect their energy level in class, and they can be irritable and adventurous, and outgoing. All these things effect how students will eventually be in the classroom. This genetic predisposition to temperament can also affect the social aspects of the child. For example a very restrained child may have a harder time making friends just because it’s already built into their genetics. So since the child is already set up from the beginning of birth with part of their personality this means that a child already has a good portion established and the classroom will have to be arranged and managed to make sure that all students are bale to effectively learn. Another way that children acquire their personality is through the environment in which they live. There are two different environmental factors that will affect this personality development, one being the parents’ behavior and the other being the cultural expectations they are brought up in. From the minute that a child is born they begin interacting with family members and begin to take on traits from each person and this ultimately will begin to shape the type of person that they will become. This social interaction is very important for the growth of a child. Many teachers say that you can tell how a child will act in class based on the parents and Ormrod seems to agree with that statement. Ormrod talks about two different kinds of parenting and the effects of each. Authoritative parenting is where there is much love, but high standards for the children. These parents enforce the rules and include the children in the decision-making. These children tend to