Abigail Abbott's Short Story

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Abigail Abbott watched with worry as one of her daughters rushed towards her oldest, wondering what could’ve have happened to make her face as gray as that. When her oldest bent her head to listen to what the younger sister was saying, her eyes grew wide with shock and perhaps a bit of disgust as well. Abigail started towards them when the distress on her daughters’ faces increased, but she broke out into a run when her oldest fainted. From what, she did not know.
Abigail knelt to the floor and “administered camphire; she” waited with worry before “She soon revived.” When the oldest daughter opened her eyes, she grabbed her mother and told her what it had been that has shocked her so greatly, and Abigail listened, growing quieter as the minutes passed. When the daughter had finally recounted the whole tale to her, Abigail could feel the pain in her heart over the pain her daughter had had to face alone a year ago on a disastrous Sabbath day. How could that man that called himself her father do such a thing?
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Everyone except the coward who has disgraced his name. When he rounded the corner of the house, he saw Abigail head to the doorway with a glint in her eyes, and stopped her to ask where she was headed. When she said the name of their daughter, he grew slightly paler, telling her not to go, giving some reason, like the weather was no so great. When Abigail told him she was merely also visiting the uncle as she had some business to discuss with him, he had to reluctantly let go of her, watching as she left the