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Abigail Adams Hello my name is Abigail Adams and I was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts on November 11, 1744 to Elizabeth Quincy Smith and Reverend William Smith. I have three other siblings Mary Smith Cranch, William Smith, and Elizabeth Smith Shaw Peabody. I was a sickly kid and never got any formal education, which I still regret to this day, but I was taught to read and write at home and I took a special liking to philosophy, theology, Shakespeare, the classics, ancient history, government and law. I married John Adams on October 25, 1764. We had five children together: Abigail " Nabby " Amelia Adams Smith, John Quincy Adams, Susanna Adams, Charles Adams, Thomas Boylston Adams. I didn’t have a job, but when John was gone to Boston for work I had to take care of our home, children, and farm. My husband was chosen to be a delegate in the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. This helped me be chosen by the Massachusetts Colony General Court in 1775, along with Mercy Warner, and Hannah Winthrop to question women who were staying loyal to the British. Soon after the Second Continental Congress came together to make the Declaration of Independence, which my husband was a delegate to and I persuaded him to try and help put some of the earliest forms of written women’s rights into the document. After the Declaration of Independence John had to go minister to France then England in 1778. Finally in 1783 I joined him after all that time apart. When we got back John became