Abigail Williams In The Crucible Act 2

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Crucible Act 2 Abigail Williams is not physically present, but has a very strong emotional impact on all characters in Act II. Abigail causes a disconnection in the marriage of John and Elizabeth Proctor. In this quote, “Where you alone with her?” (Miller 1270). Elizabeth Proctor is suspicious of John Proctors interactions with Abigail Williams, therefore, causing a disassociation of their marriage. Abigail is trying to get John Proctor on her side, and she is doing it by blackmail. Blackmail is present because if Abigail can’t get John on her own she accuses Elizabeth, so this causes John Proctor to be in a dilemma. Abigail, although not present, made John and Elizabeth Proctor lives miserable because of the accusation of witchcraft on Elizabeth