Abigail Williams Quotes From The Crucible

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“Let either of you breathe a word about the other things, and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you.” Abigail Williams said this quote whenever Betty was sick in bed and then claims that Abigail drank blood while dancing in the woods. Abigail threatens the girls that if they say anything something sharp is going to shudder them. Abigail Williams is Reverend Parris seventeen year old niece. Abigail is the leader of the girls in the Crucible. Abigail and I compare to each other because we are controlling manipulative, and observant. “She sends her spirit on me in church; she makes me laught at prayer.” In this example Abigail is saying that Tituba is the reason that she has been laughing during prayer. Abigail believes since Tituba is from Barbados and is Reverend Parris servant no one will believe that she isn’t sending her spirit into Abigail. Whenever I’m getting into trouble I’ll try to convince my mother that it wasn’t me. For example when I know I got in trouble at school I’ll go home and treat my mom nicer than usual because I don’t want her to find out but I also think if you act nice then the punishment won’t be as damaging as it would have been. Being manipulative is a trait that Abigail and I …show more content…
Or did I dream that? During this scene in the Crucible Abigail Williams is questioning John Proctor about the affair they had. Abigail now believes since she had an affair with John that he is in love with her. John has some feeling for Abigail but he is trying to be loyal to his wife Elizabeth so he’s telling Abigail that she needs to leave him alone and he doesn’t have any feelings for her. I try to control most situations in my house. I wouldn’t say this is a bad trait because if there’s a bad situation then if you jump into the problem you may give good advice and resolve the problem. Abigail and I share the trait of being