Abigail's Motivation In The Crucible

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During the Salem Witch Trials, 20 people died, 19 hanged and one pressed to death. In Salem, people believed there were people bewitching others in their town, but it was hysteria. This hysteria was people getting vengeance and attention. A main character, Abigail, in Millers play, “The Crucible” used her hysteria to get attention and to get revenge. While Abigail had justified motivations in wanting to be with Proctor, her obsession with him revealed her to be self-centered in her goals, manipulative in her actions, yet bold in her interactions. Abigail was selfish in many of her goals, especially in her ultimate goal, in being with John Proctor. “Were they motivated soley by self-concern or, in Abigail’s case a blend