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Today we are discussing a patient that is a 32-year-old unmarried, unemployed woman on welfare who feels spacey and detached and those feelings have become stronger and more uncomfortable. I believe she is mildly delusional as sometime she feels as if she was unreal and she also feels that she can read people's minds. I also believe that she has some social anxiety, she becomes very uncomfortable and self-conscious in public, she often feels that people are paying special attention to her and sometime she thinks that people across the street just to avoid her. She also spends a lot of her days fantasizing while watching TV soap operas. She speaks very vague and abstract missing the point but she's never incoherent. She also has had jobs but has a hard time keeping them because she drifts away from them because of a lack of interest.
I believe this patient is suffering from bipolar disorder as well as manic depressive disorder. I believe the patients social and cultural factors contributed to the onset of the depression. Because she is a single female living on welfare and lives in economically challenged area I believe that this is what caused the onset of this disease.
I would treat this disorder by using antidepressant medication maybe lithium since lithium is a mood stabilizing drug. I believe this would allow her to think clearer be able to relate in social settings and maybe be able to keep a job that could keep her interest. I would also treat with cognitive…