Essay on Abnormal treatments

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Individuals that are mentally disabled, in order to help these patients different programs, schools should be designed where they can be provided with extra learning time. Retardation can occur in any family no matter where you come from or what religion you belong to, we should all take some time and come up with different ways to assist these individuals. Most of all, we should educate the young’s about the risks of getting pregnant at young age and about different diseases that can be sexually transmitted because societies now are not the same how it used to be back then. We now need to educate children’s at young age to keep them safe and to make them aware about different diseases and how it can be passed down to their own children or even take their life. There should be more people going into special education programs so that we can come up with new ways to prevent retardation and provide better genetic counseling. Furthermore, people who are retarded can learn wide range of job skills if they are properly assisted in well mannerly way. Individuals who will be assisting them needs to built a comfortable relationship with their patients so that way they won’t hesitate to ask anything to gain knowledge and learn to better take care of themselves. In addition, to prevent any kind of abnormalities during pregnancy, different classes should be designed in middle schools, high schools and colleges that should be mandatory to take instead of other elective classes because this kind of education is usable lifelong and everyone should learn to better take care of their health and