Abnormality: Middle Class and Theses Gadgets Essay

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All the above-mentioned can be a contributing factor that could be responsible in the contribution of an increase in mental illnesses. As an increase in population could be a worrying factor for parents as to how to bring up their children in this recession period where benefits have been cut and jobs are at stake. So this could lead to people being more prone to mental illnesses. Also the cost of living nowadays has become an rising issue as there are a lot of expensive gadgets that are out in the markets and to keep up with the social side of things people tend to fall back, as they find it hard to buy things and to keep up with society they find it important to have access to theses gadgets. When you look back at about 50 years there was hardly any gadgets and people were happier with what they had where as nowadays people are not. People tend to want to have all the luxuries but cant so they start relying on loans and other things and cause more mental stress for themselves. Also the cost of living has gone up and people have to put up with higher bills and other things. So basically living in the society has become an issue as well which causes mental stress and then leads on to mental illnesses.

Also doctors have improved diagnosis as they have become more aware of mental illness and also people are more willing to get diagnosed as the stigma that was in place 50 years ago has banished. So people are more willing to go to the doctors and tell them what is happening with them and are more open as they feel they are in need of help, they don’t find it a stigma and people take on mental illnesses in a positive way in todays day where as past 50 years people did not want to know people with mental illnesses and stigmatized them in society.

Pursuit of money causes more stress in today’s time, as people want to earn as much as they can to keep up with society and its norms. In todays time people find money to be everything and the people tat are less fortunate tend to get to the route of mental illness.

Different ethnic groups and minorities mainly get misdiagnosed due to the fact of communication as they are not able to communicate with the doctors sometimes due to language problems. When there is miscommunication there is misdiagnosis as well.