Abolishment Of Slavery Analysis

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In Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author communicated to the reader the importance of the abolishment of slavery by creating a story that portrays the hardships of being a slave, the way owner’s viewed their property, and how important the essence of freedom is to slaves. Harriet Beecher Stowe portrayed the importance of the abolishment of slavery by creating a story that clearly exemplified the difficult circumstances of being a slave in 19th Century America. At the start of the narrative a loving and caring family known as the Shelby’s is forced to sell two of their slaves in order to stay afloat financially (pg 29). This exhibits the nature of slavery in the south because even a family who cares for and supports their …show more content…
This topic is significant because it shows both the devastating and compassionate views of white owners towards their slaves. Throughout the course of the book there is constant contrast between those in support of slavery and those in favor of liberation of slaves. In some cases those in favor of keeping their property often looked to the bible to support the claims made towards the origin of slavery. Stowe diminishes these claims in her narrative by presenting the argument that the bible states that all people were created with and posses the same blood (pg 151). Therefore, this provides an equivocal solution to this argument. Furthermore, numerous slave owners insisted that slaves be kept in a degrading nature, so that they cannot be educated and become prophets of liberation. Black men and women were viewed as inhumane and needed to be kept inferior to their white counterparts in order to have a strong, prosperous society (pg 225). Continuing on the point, Stowe presents another argument in a conversation between a group of men in a hotel. These men discuss that an intelligent slave is not only uncommon, but is also a hindrance for the owner. This is presented as a hindrance because intelligent slaves were only intelligent in the matter of escaping the one who owned them (pg 94). Moreover, Stowe provides the example of loving and nurturing christian families who support the slaves they own. However, as presented previously, these families still are displayed as owners of human beings and must make hard decisions for the betterment of their family (pg. 29). By abolishing slavery, as presented in the story by Stowe, these families would lose the slaves that they nurtured and who provided stability to many southerners. However, by removing a cruel and unjust system America eliminates the owners who viewed blacks as their property, the