Essay about Abolitionism and Anti-Slavery Society in America

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I was born in Boston in the fall of 1811 to Sarah Walley and John Phillips, who was also a successful lawyer, politican and philanthropist. I knew that law was something I wanted to do so I attended the prestigious Harvard University residing in Massachussets with the intention of studying law. After I had graduated, I was given a job to work for the Massachusets state bar and then later I opened up my own law practice. I took to heart a certain philosophy known as plain speaking; this way of thinking fueled the thoughts and ideas I had shared with many people about slavery and the unfair treatment of Native Americans. My law background has given me the thought process to advocate against slavery and become an abolitionist. One main event turned my career around; it was when I had witnessed an attempted lynching of a man who was schedules to speak out against slavery. After witnessing this heinous crime I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to the movement, therefore I joined the American Anti-Slavery Society.

I believe that the root of America’s problem is the racial injustice. Although citizens of the United States may feel justified in advocating for slavery because the practice is constitutional, the entire concept is unjust. Slaveholders are taking advantage of the situation by influencing the government to make decisions that are not in the best interests, and as a result, there is no common ground for free and slave States to unite. However, if America fixes the problem by removing the idea of slavery in the first place and reducing slavery, America will take the first steps toward recovery. Although I may be seen as an evil person for going against the idea of slavery, it is the only way to solve America’s problems in terms of unification between the two main types of states: those that support slavery and those that don’t. Unless we take away the idea of slavery, there will be no common ground and no area for American growth and even sustaining the progress that already exists.

I think the abolition of Slavery will improve the lives of all American, not only black people. The equality of all…