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The Impact of British Settlement on the Aboriginal People 1788-1900

Disease's had a huge impact on the Aboriginal people when the British settlers arrived in Australia. This is because the Aboriginal people had no immunity towards diseases,they didn't even have the resistance to the common cold, and they had never experienced such a harsh impact on their bodies. An example of this in 1789, in Sydney there was an outbreak of smallpox. This spread very quickly and killed up to 90% of the tribes in that area. This shows how before the British Settlers arrived, life for the Aboriginal people was very simple and easy. Once the British settlers arrived, many of these things changed. This makes me think how unfair it was on the Aboriginal people who had no way to avoid diseases. The British had no respect for the Aboriginal people or their healt or well-being.

Killing in massacres was what the British did to try and wipe out the Aboriginal population so they could have a white generation. This is because the British thought if they killed in massacres then this would encurage Aboriginals not to speak up. An example of this is at Myall Creak. 50 Aboriginal people had moved there and 10 British me were working near by. They wereplanning to head to Myall Creak. The stockmen heared the defenceless Aboriginal people and tied them together. Only two young boys escaped the rope and got away. Within 20 minutes of being at the creak, the Aboriginal people were hacked and slashed to death. They were then beheaded and their bodies were left were they fell. This shows how disgustingly they Aboriginals were treated. They were just innocent people like you and I but they were killed for no reason except their race. This makes me think how