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The Right To Abortion

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This essay concentrates on the prominent growth of worldwide and provincial human rights principles and legislations that back a woman’s human right to abortion. It summarizes relevant progression within the United States, Inter-American and African human rights organizations concerning abortion, as it relates to a woman's right to life and well-being, in circumstances such as rape victims, fetal deficiency or incest and also for abortion established on societal and financial reasoning’s and on demand. Some disputes concerning maternal humanity, exclusions of therapeutic abortion as overstepping on the constitutional rights to be free from painful, cold-hearted and humiliating treatment, and government bureaucratic responsibilities to guarantee women's right to access lawful abortion are still in debate. As a final point, this essay speaks on the increasing acknowledgement by world-wide human rights bodies that outlawing of abortion often leads women to acquire insecure abortions, which could threaten their life and well-being, and current national-level expansions in the field.

Every day people wake up and decide what to wear to work, whether to eat home or stop for breakfast. The fact is that we all have choices because it is us who has to live with those decisions that we decide to make. Some individuals are ready to be parents and some are not so why should one take that right away? Women are put in several situations where they are left to make some decisions on their own about being a mother. Numerous individuals believe abortion is an ethical matter, but it is moreover a constitutional concern. It is a woman's right to make that decision concerning her body, and it must not be changed or swayed by anybody else. This right is guaranteed by way of the ninth amendment, which covers the right to privacy.
The ninth amendment states: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people” (The Rutherford Institute, 2013). Of course this right promises a woman right, if they decide to do so, have an abortion, up until the end of the first trimester. Nevertheless of the point of morals, a woman does have the right to confidentiality and the choice of abortion. For individuals who embrace the "pro-life" view, debates that women who decide to have an abortion is “murdering” a child. Undeniable a fetus is not a developed baby yet because it does not retain the conditions resulting from our knowledge of breathing human beings.
Determinism is the view that every event, including human actions, is brought about by previous events in accordance with universal causal laws that govern the world. Human freedom is an illusion (Chaffee, 2010, P.141). If human freedom is in fact an illusion why would laws state that every human has that right to privacy? Of course we know that if two consenting adults (who want’s children) engage in sexual activities and leads to pregnancy then it’s a planned pregnancy. What about those unwanted pregnancy for instance, pregnancies resulting from being raped? Should the woman have to sit and suffer nine months carrying a rapist’s child? Whose decision should it be to make the decision to abort the fetus other than the woman? Do we have free will? I do not believe that the law should step in and infringe on the right to make that choice. The confusion lies when individuals make the argument that it the killing of a baby and a woman’s human right.
Just like oppression in the past, abortion is currently fundamental to the lives of countless Americans, however no matter what the societal budget may be, once laws discriminate against the fragile and helpless, this is when you know it’s time for changes in the law. Because of these laws these helpless women tend to seek back-alley abortions which can be