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Adriana Dos Santos February 27, 2015

Controversial topics such as abortion have raised important questions regarding the topic. Some believe in it and others don't. However, it should be clear that abortion is wrong and inhumane. In the early stages of pregnancy, though some may say that the fetus isn't "actually alive", there is potential for living, breathing human life and the fact that this can be "undone" by means of extraction is appalling. Many people that are for abortion don't know the reality of it. A lot of the time pro-choice leaders are out of touch with what abortion really is. In Caught In The Crossfire by Sue Hertz, a former abortion clinic worker, Fran, recalls her experiences and elaborates on some of the reasons for having become pro-life. "The process is brutal and gruesome" she says, "You haven't seen the little feet. They look just like the little feet pushpins that the antis wear." As a former provider at the clinic she says, "if only half the people saw the fetal remains of a second trimester abortion, they would jump the fence into the antis arms." The "antis" being the pro-choice advocates of course. Its terrifyingly horrible tales like this one that support the fact that abortion shouldn't be a choice. Terminating the formation of human life, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, is dangerously similar to killing an infant. For example, in some cases mothers aborting their babies choose to have chemically-induced abortions in which a pill is taken to stop the supply of progesterone which cuts off the fetus' nutrition. Then a second pill is taken to induce labor and the fetus is expelled. Unfortunately, this method can result in situations where the poison doesn't kill the fetus and it is born alive and in pain. In an article entitled Abortion by Sarah Terzo a 25-year-old woman expelled her baby in the middle of the night before the doctors arrived and watched as the baby "thrashed around in agony." These deeply painful contractions that come along with having chemically-induced abortion are strong enough to harshly bruise the fetus and often times strong enough to kill it too. Despite all this, there are still some people that support a woman's right to choose. The pro-choice arguments usually consist of the " her body her choice" mantra. A woman’s body belongs to herself, and she should be free to do what she deems necessary for her body and overall health in any situation. Or that every child born should come