Abortion: Abortion and Health Care Background Essay

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There are so many children that don’t get a chance at life because their parent(s) decided to terminate them. Some people don’t understand the consequences of having unprotected sex. One result is getting pregnant. For many the result of being pregnant ends up with an abortion. There are ways to terminate a child. They all include the abortion pill, the actual procedure which is the vacuum aspiration or dilation and curettage which scrapes the walls of the uterus. The abortion pill has to be taken at a very early stage in pregnancy so that the baby would come out efficiently. This has to be done in the first trimester before it gets to the embryotic stage. The vacuum aspiration is a device in which is placed in the uterus to suck the baby out. It causes a little pain to the mother and much pain to the baby. It is still performed in an early stage of pregnancy as well. The dilation and curettage is an actual surgery that is performed on women who are a little further along than that for the vacuum aspiration requirements. Dilation is when the doctors open the cervix up and remove the lining of the uterus. Curettage is when the doctor scrapes out the baby and unnecessary stuff from the pregnancy. It is considered to be safe but some women experience abnormal bleeding. Doctors try their best to avoid this procedure unless it is absolutely necessary. America should ban abortion. Abortions causes psychological stress, effects health and conflicts with religion of most women.
Many people would disagree with my reasoning behind banning abortions. Many would say that we should keep abortion legal because many women will find a way to get around the system and get a abortion anyway. Abortions were present before it was legalized. The only reason that it was legalized was because many women died in a result of getting these abortions done by women in their community that doesn’t have any health care background. If many weren’t dying they were having bad infections and dying later on in life.
Determining to keep a child or not can cause a series of emotions. The first is depression and it is when a parent feels ashamed or guilty for terminating their child. They often feel worthless because of what they have done to their child because the pregnancy was unexpected and they had to “do what they had to do”. The mother also expirences anxiety which is expressed feelings of generalized or specific worry, fear, panic, dread or forebidding. Physical symptoms can occur also such as increased heart rate or high blood pressure. Hostility can form also from great amounts of anger or hatred which can cause outburst or violence. Abortion can cause isolation of the parent(s) from the outside world.
Women get abortions for many social and personal reasons. The social reasons can be that the pregnancy would change how others feel about them if they have their baby such as from their friends and family. Teenagers have social influence from their parents or guardians not to have their children because of their age. It’s not that all teenage parents don’t want to have their children but mainly because their parents threaten to put them out the