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An abortion is when you end a pregnancy and it would result in a child not being born. One in three women will have an abortion by the time they reach the age of forty-five. An abortion can be from a miscarriage or simply your decision on the removal of a child. You can have a surgical abortion, where they remove it surgically, or by medically by taking a pill. If the pregnant women were to use a pill that was not prescribe to her to try to have a miscarriage, then that would be considered illegal and a crime. There are a couple of unique things about abortion in Nevada. In cases of life endangerment, such as rape and incest, public funding is available. The law has restrictions on low income-income women’s access to abortion. However, if they can prove they are involved with a rape case, or it needs to be done to save a pregnant women’s life, then it is considered legal. Another very unique thing about this law is that if a girl is under the age of eighteen and not married and not emancipated, they must notify at least one parent. The parental mandate cannot be waived if the girl is a victim of rape, incest, or child abuse. It may though if, a physician decides the abortion is needed immediately for the person life or health. Another reason it may be is if the girl tries to obtain permission from a judge stating that she is mature enough to make this decision. Lastly, this law only allows abortions within the first twenty-four weeks unless it is needed to be done for the health of the mother. The women must be able to convince her physician that she only wants the abortion for her health and if they are convinced then they can proceed with the procedure of letting them get an abortion.
In 1973 Roe v. Wade made it legal that women can have an abortion in the state of Nevada. It must be performed by a licensed physician in a medical setting. It will be considered voluntary manslaughter if the person performing the abortion is not medically licensed. I do not agree with abortion, although Nevada does have some laws that I do agree with. I agree, if you are under the age of eighteen and are not married or emancipated that a parent should be notified. I also really agree with the fact that they do not allow abortions after you are twenty-four months into your pregnancy. If it was legal I believe some women would proceed with an abortion no matter how far along they are. Even though I think these are good laws, I do not agree with abortions. I feel as if the only exception to ever getting an abortion should be if the women health is at risk, and it is a horrible case. In this case, I think the abortion should be done in the very beginning of the pregnancy. I don’t think it is fair that they are taking away the existence of someone’s life. By getting an abortion you are ending the life of someone and never letting them experience what life is all about. No child deserves to die because their mother or father were irresponsible. A child is completely innocent and shouldn’t be punished for the actions of their parents. You are basically murdering a child, so how can someone live with that for the rest of their life knowing that they killed their child? Women think by getting an abortion all their problems will go away, but in reality they won’t. They think they won’t be able to handle the responsibility and that having a baby is such a horrible thing. If they think…