Essay about Abortion: Human Rights and pro Choice View

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when one talks about the controversial topic of abortion a lot of factors play into the peoples opinion such as religious belief but most people that agree that abortion should be legal all say the same thing and that is that the women has the right to there own body as well as the people that say abortion should be illegal can not get past the idea that abortion is murder . But my purpose of writing about abortion is to explain my opinion as well as clear some confusion about this subject and show that there is more to it then the two arguments that people come up with . while reading articles to back up my opinion I found out that the pro choice view is that a baby does not have human rights while in the mothers womb . while I do not quite agree with that statement I still agree that it should be legal my reasoning is that even if abortion was illegal in a majority of the states the government can not completely stop the operation from happing because there are still going to be doctors that do it in secret even if the women can not afford to go to a private doctor they will be forced to do it there selves if they think that they really need the operation done . Before it was legal women would go into back alleys and do it there selves with wired clothes hangers or anything else available to them to get what they need done , done . Of course that is going to cause some health risk because as you can tell that would be very unsanitary .

There are also several reasons as