Abortion In Beowulf Research Paper

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Why abortion is like the story Beowulf

Abortion is like the story Beowulf because Grendel kills people without them having a say or being able to fight back. This is like abortion because the unborn babies have no say of what happens and they can’t fight back. Does America have a monster terrorizing her like the Danes had a monster terrorizing Herot? The answer to that would depend on who you ask. Many people in America today feel that the concept of abortion is like a terrible monster that is afflicting our society. There are others who embrace this monster and feel that it gives them the right to choose. Since when did someone's right to choose take away another person’s right to choose? Every time someone has an abortion, they take the
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Today in America Abortions are being given to women every day. “This amounts to 3,322 abortions per day.”(prolifeaction.org/faq/abortion.php). These babies who lose their lives to this evil monster are defenseless. There is hardly no one to defend them and as long as the laws of the land allow this dreadful monster to persist, unborn children will continue to be slaughtered at an alarming rate. In the story of Beowulf, when the men in the mead hall celebrated life and enjoyed themselves, the noise they make is a major irritation to the monster named Grendel that lives in the hills above. When the annoyance becomes too much for Grendel to handle, he comes down and kills the men in the mead hall. They are “aborted” from the world because the monster did not want them to live.
In the story it depicts the terror “. . . the monster relished his savage war/ On the Danes, keeping the bloody feud/ Alive, seeking no peace, offering/ No truce, accepting no settlement, no price/ In gold or land, and paying the living/ For one crime only with another. No one/ Waited for reparation from his plundering claws:/ That shadow of death hunted in the darkness,/ Stalked Hrothgar's