Abortion In Real Life

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“Abortion In Real Life”

In my most honest opinion, I believe that most people in the world would agree with me when I say that abortion is an extremely sensitive and ethically controversial topic. The simple idea of abortion always seems to bring two very different, very extreme views. One would be the idea of a woman, that declares, it is her body to do as she pleases with, and that she may very well have an abortion if she likes because it’s not a fully developed baby. The second would most likely turn out to be the anti-abortion type who decides to think that is simply nothing more than a murder. Through experience I have heard very intriguing arguments coming from both peoples who are pro and anti-abortion, and folks who have and haven’t ever had to experience the nuisance of dealing with one. I would have to say that while both almost convinced me as I heard them; I am leaning a bit towards the pro side of the scale. The debate in this case is not going to simply be won because it is viewed as a murder by some. If anything, what most people have learned so far can be very confusing at times. Human tendency has it in nature to reject or basically accept or reject basic moral principles without sufficient examination. Some just tend to. “Follow the leader.” Without deep examination, we fail to do the proper research and inappropriately reject or accept moralities that eventually define the course of life. More than half of your “average Joes” are extremely misinformed, but believe it or not, many scholars are on the same page when it comes to abortion. Instead of aiding to simplify the matter, higher education only complicates it. With this article my goal is to point out the inadequacies using modern reasoning. When expressing ideas on this topic the fact of what is considered a “human” is usually the stalemate of debates. Psychology and universal moral cliché state that killing innocent human beings is bad, in which I agree it is. That being said, one can develop the wrong idea that a fetus is already an innocent human being. Now this is not to say that the first part wasn’t a “self-evident truth,” because it is. The modern definition of human contains two senses in which it could be used. The first sense of the word is used usually when regarding a full-fledged member of the moral community. In the second sense of the word it is used to describe a human genetically. A misinformed…