Abortion is a woman choice Essay

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20 OCT 2013

“Abortion is an absolutely moral choice for any woman wishing to control her body” (McKinley 2002, p. 45). I’m going to argue the fact that abortion should be a woman’s right. No one really knows when life begins. Birth defects are reasons for an abortion some may argue and abortions are safe. Abortions should always be the woman’s choice, because only she knows if she can properly care for a baby. Many people consider abortion to be cruel and unnatural and they argue to ban abortions. There are incidents of rape, incest and birth defects and teen pregnancy that are a reason for a woman not to have a baby. A lot of people feel that abortion is immoral, but is it immoral for people bring a babies in this world out of wedlock? We should look at all the facts when deciding to bring a child into the world.
Rape, Teen Pregnancy and Birth Defects
The embryo or fetus is not considered human being because it is not able to survive outside the woman’s body. Only when a baby can live independently from its mother’s body can it be granted full human rights. According to "Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia" (2013), “The use of the term "fetus" generally implies that a mammalian embryo has developed to the point of being recognizable as belonging to its own species, though the point at which this occurs is subjective.” Without the mother for nutrients, oxygen and protection it would not live. It is not independent, it is dependent on another human being for its continued existence.
“Complications from having an abortion in the first three months of pregnancy are considerable less frequent and less serious than those associated with giving birth” (Dudley 2002, p.169). Statics shows that serious completions arising from abortion before 13 weeks are quite unusual
97% report no complications,
2.5% have minor,
88% of women that obtain abortions are less than 13 week, and
0.5% require some additional surgical procedure and/or hospitalization.
This shows that having an abortion from a reputable doctor is as safe as going to sleep and getting teeth pulled. You can develop scar tissues but you can develop scar tissues while delivering the baby. If the mother does not take proper care of herself while carrying the unborn child, the child can develop a lot of…