Abortion Measure 1

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Brandon Williams
Letter to the Editor
Ms. Tande
October- 29-2014
North Dakota Abortion Initiative Measure 1 When the topic Abortion is tossed into a conversation a lot of people may have a lot of many different opinions. There are many people who think it is bad and people who think it is good. Not too many people actually know if Abortion is good or bad they just have their opinions. There are very few people who actually know why woman opt for abortion. Whenever people hear the word abortion they just think it is evil. Measure 1 should pass because it protect woman from having to take care of a baby from an unwanted pregnancy, protect the welfare of the child from unfit parents, and make lives easier on the youth who cannot properly care for a baby. Abortion 1 states that is a female that is the age of 18 cannot legally abort a child that has not been older than 20 months along without consent from spouse. With this particular measure it gives a lot of conditions for the woman to have to follow if she wanted to abort her child. The passing of this measure ensures that abortions will not happen every time somebody doesn’t want a baby. Many females having abortions are doing so because they know they will not be able to care for the child in the long. Many of those females are still in college and may not be financially stable to take care for a child. According to “Induced Abortions in the United States” Woman in their 20’s account for nearly half of all abortions. Nearly half of those females income makes up 100-199% of the federal poverty level. That says a lot seeing that most of these woman are financially unfit to care for the child. Three fourths off all woman who have abortions says they know they will not financially be able to care for the child according to “Induced Abortions in the United States”. If measure 1 did not pass it