Abortion Persuasive Research Paper

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Persuasive Essay
Cristina Ruiz F.

Abortion: you shouldn’t do it.
Abortion Debate is a discussion on induced abortion, this means, when a pregnant woman decides not to have the baby depending on her motives. I don’t believe abortion is the last option, and I think that the human being has been dotated of concience to stand against it. So here are some points on why the woman should have the baby despite her reasons for not to.
She is a human being such as what is inside her, and what she carries is as important as she is. Physically and emotionally, the harm is bad and can be deathly dangerous. We all have a motive to be here even when you don’t understand it, bad things happen to everyone but you have to remember that life is good. If you are brave enough to end a life, why not be
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Ok, you can still give this baby the chance to have one, even if is not with you. Adoption is another way to safe a life. Many families are waiting their chances to have a baby but they can’t, life can have hard ways to give you what you need. As I said, is not about you, is something bigger than you.
You don’t have to obey society rules where they say a baby can ruin your future, or a disabled kid is going to be a charge, or if it even puts in risk your own life. The wonder of nature has given women the gift to bring life just a she. Don’t be afraid of being different, you don’t have the fault, nobody does.
So, here is why I think a woman who’s thinking about abortion should not do it. We are humans, we have though lifes and the decisions and actions we make will have consequeces that will give us something to regret about all our life because we have a concience. Society has given us prospects of a wonderful life that is not realistic or fullfiling. You are meant for something greater and bigger than your expectations. Maybe you’ll have to open your mind and go deeper in your heart to understand why is a good idea to bring that