Abortion: Pregnancy and Men Essays

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Abortion has been an ongoing debate in our society. It is seen to be a cruel activity, which is accepted in the eyes of many. Our society believes that both men and women should be treated equally in everything including abortion. They think that childbearing is a burden and how abortion is a way to empower women. Abortion is seen as a way to give women an equal place in the workforce. However, this act has an opposite effect. Instead of abortion freeing women, it has led to exploitation by men who no longer want to provide parental care for their children. Abortion not only disputes negative impacts on women, but it also has an affect on the men. Abortion can be argued to be an extremely negative decision in the eyes of society through three factors. The first being the affects abortion has on both men and women. Another component being that the fetus is still considered a human being at the time of conception. Finally, the reality of abortion becoming an endless cycle with no resolution. The Hans Christian Andersen’s fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” helps apply to the debates our society has regarding this issue of abortion.
The implications are shown to be negative for both men and women. Some implications for women include how some men only want to use them for sex. These men who do not care for the consequences their actions have for women decide to put pressure on women to have an abortion. For women who are abandoned by these types of men due to refusing the idea of abortion are left to deal with the hard life as a single parent. This connects back to the fable because the weavers in the story can be seen as the men in reality. The emperors and his workers can be seen as the women. The weavers cheat all the workers and the emperors by taking all the silk and the wool and lying to them. They used the emperor to get what they wanted and made him look ignorant. The weavers made the emperors believe that they were weaving such beautiful clothes when it was really nothing. Even though the workers and the emperor didn’t see anything, they didn’t want to seem unfit for their position and decided to play along with what the weavers said. Just as the weavers used the emperor to get what they wanted, this can be shown in reality of how the men react towards the women. They use them and leave them with no other option, but abortion or facing the real world as a single parent. The women in this case can only handle being ignorant and being played for a fool for so much that they now think that committing such an act is okay. Which has also lead to them indulging in uncommitted relationships. However delaying childbearing has led to consequences such as infertile women/couples having to resort to fertility clinics. There are negative effects on men such as the sense of being powerless, especially even when they agree on raising the child, but the women in the end decides to go with the abortion. Sometimes men are seen as only sperm donors and nothing else. Also when a man asks a woman to have an abortion, they are committing an act of violence to kill his child, he feels less restraint at imposing violence on her or others. Domestic violence has increased since the start of abortion. The implications of abortion lead to seeing how the child is morally and biologically a human being.
The child killed at birth is morally and biologically a human being. Abortion is unethical because it constitutes destruction of a human being. We human beings are made in the image of God. All children are human beings even if they were to be in the womb. God wrote in stone the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17). Abortion is seen as of killing the innocent. God especially condemns killing of children. In the eyes of God the child in the womb is seen as truly a human child. Men and women tend not to see that the kids they try to abort are human beings even if they are in the womb. They believe that if it is…