Abortion: Pregnancy and Person Essay

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Honors English III
Position Paper
When it comes to abortion, I am definitely against it and there is no changing that. If God wanted someone to have a baby then He is going to do it in any way, shape, or form that He thinks is right for that person. Everyone has their own disagreements and their own arguments, but they are invalid. No argument can go against God’s Will, no matter what the excuse is. Abortion is wrong in every single way. There should be no excuse. Many people have a lot of excuses in order to either get or back up an abortion, but all of them are invalid. One excuse that is used a lot is being raped, getting pregnant, and wanting to get rid of the baby because it “isn’t theirs.” If a person was raped and got pregnant, aborting a baby is still wrong.
That baby is still a baby; it still has a heartbeat. That baby could have been someone important, but the world will never know because of someone’s selfish decision to take the life of an innocent child. It is understandable the emotions that may come with the baby because of the horrible memory of being raped, but life cannot always be about one person. People have to learn to sacrifice for others and that includes taking on responsibilities that sometimes a person might not deserve, but if God gives a person that kind of responsibility then they should take over it with pride, knowing that God has that much trust and faith in them. Even if that person doesn’t want to keep the baby, they could always put it up for adoption and not murder a precious, innocent, little child.…