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Against Abortion
I would like to thank everyone in the NOW, National organization for women for having me speak today on the topic of abortions. I do believe that women should have a right to their own choice when it comes to their own decision. I also believe that women should be more responsible now days so that it doesn’t even have to come to the decision of thinking of having an abortion.
According to David M. Fergusson, a professor of psychology, the most common surgical procedure for women ages 15-44 is an abortion. This is not including miscarriages but the actual removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy. What had leaded the states to such a big controversial topic of abortion was Roe Vs. Wade. This legalizes abortion. This made people wonder whether the decision was constitutional or even ethical. When this court ruling first passed in 1973 the rates of abortion were at about 744,000. Since 1973 the current amount of abortions is 54,559,615. Alone in 2008 there were 1,212,400 abortions. Now with it being such a large part of our society the question lies on whether or not a woman should have the right to choice, when it comes to aborting an unborn child.
Half of all American women will have an unplanned pregnancy by the age of 45. Rates like these show that one in ten women will have an abortion by the age twenty, one in four women by the age of thirty and three in ten by the age of 45.
Yes, some girls do not have the option of being able to keep the baby. They just don’t have the financial needs needed to raise a newborn baby. Adoption is another option that could be thought about before abortion. There are plenty of families that are unable to have their own baby and will be willingly to take yours and help. For all the women that are rape or are sexually violated, yes they should have the option to abort, but it’s also a highly time to think about giving the baby up for adoption and letting the baby be born and giving away at birth.
What I think should be done is more education on sex education. Being a recent graduate of high school, I remember the whole four years in high school I had only received only a week of sexual education in my freshman year of hope class. In four years of high school, which being the first times most teens experience with sexual activities you only get a week, that’s something that needs to change. After that you don’t get any more information without searching yourself. Most Teens now a day learn from the internet or watching movies. Yes you get it in middle school in the 7th and 8th grade but its one movie that teaches you about periods and shows you a women giving birth. It doesn’t show you everything you need to see. As students you need to know all your consequences of having sex besides just getting pregnant or catching an STD.
Yes, there are plenty of teens that will still do what they want to do but there is plenty of good choices you can make that can keep you from getting pregnant. Using condoms and birth control or just being abstinence. These are all some cheap ways to help not lead to any pregnancy. In the Netherlands they have had a low number of abortions due to having more knowledge for teens in school and their personal lives. They had made a shift from being a large agricultural society to an industrial society. They also reduced influence of the church in the public and personal life; they had an introduction of the mass media and an increase in the educational level of