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Marcus coca
Rodney Clayton
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There are many things I could have written about for this paper. I was originally going to write about how every house hold should have a firearm, but I have a stronger opinion on abortion. I know it is not original but I have stronger sense of what I'm talking about. While everybody is divided on this particular subject, I'm no exception. I guess people would label me pro­choice, but I'm not overly fond of labels that forces you to choose one side over the other on ideas or things of that nature. I do not think it should be outlawed and there should be no restrictions put on it.
While I am pro­choice, I do not agree with the idea of abortion. I believe down to the core of my being, that every individual should have a chance to live. If there was a situation where I got a girl pregnant and she wanted an abortion, I would talk to her and tell her I would take care of the baby by myself as long as she would keep it.
There is a lot of good points that would go along with being pro­life. One would be of
John Locke view of the three human rights that every individual has. The rights are life, liberty and property. As a nation we adopted a variation of these rights. There are also many religion that would go hand to hand with going against abortion. Even with all these things I still stand with opinion that it should still be legal.
The reason I stand by it is because I do not agree with the idea of restricting individual's rights. We as a nation have already giving up many of our individual right because of 9/11. Getting a abortion is not mandatory, all it is an option. The individual who get an abortion are the people who have to live with it not everybody else. If we choose to outlaw it just because it does not fit in our idea on how life should be, we would have to accept the laws that another group places on us that restricts our individual freedoms. I do not know what kind of future