Essay about Abortion: Roe V. Wade and Mit Pro-choice

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Abortion is an issue that affects every person in one way or another; a friend or girlfriend could be faced with the decision of how to deal with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is one of the most difficult and controversial moral issues considered today; it frequently leads the question of whether it should be legal or not. Individuals decide their stance of abortion depending on their beliefs regarding numerous religious and scientific ideas of life and rights. Over time two distinguished groups have formed with opposing views on the issue of abortion. One being pro-life supporters where they believe that abortion is murder and don’t think people should get abortions and the second being pro-choice who are people who believe abortion is okay. A major disagreement that will be further discussed is the point at which the fetus becomes a person. The controversial issues concerning abortion have changed throughout history. First of all, the term abortion refers to an early removal of a fertilized ovum or fetus; it is usually used in the context of an artificially induced abortion, not a natural miscarriage. In the United States abortions were allowed until the third month of pregnancy until the mid-nineteen hundreds, because it was believed that the fetus was not yet a human being until the mother could feel the baby move, a time known as “quickening”. The first distinguished group being pro-life supporters who believe that abortion is murder of an innocent and helpless baby and for that reason it should be illegal. Some arguments against abortion include the importance of recognizing that human life is sacred and that killing an unborn child is murder. Serious concerns exist for those females who actually have a pregnancy terminated. The procedures that are used in this process can not only hurt a woman physically but emotionally as well. The case that went through the Supreme Court that made this a legal issue in 1973 gave females the right to abort their unborn babies if they were determined to do so. Since that time many excuses have been used to justify this hardship. As the article, Pro-life Arguments Against Abortions states, “The destruction of a human life and the destruction of morals in this country are valid pro-life arguments against abortion.” Another perspective to take a look at is that females should get an abortion if they choose too. A pro-choice advocate is someone who feels that the woman's right to choose should come before anything, even human life. The main argument of "pro-choice" advocates is naturally that women should have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies. In the book, “We the People,” Patterson states, “Abortion is such an issue. It has divided Americans from the day that the Supreme Court said in Roe vs. Wade (1973) that a woman has a constitutional right to choose abortion” (126). With that being said it is said to be that Roe. Vs. Wade seem to be pro-choice and believe if a woman wants to get an abortion she should be able to. It is a woman’s choice to whether or not it is the right decision and if she should go through with it. However, aside from the obvious issue of whether or not it is a woman's right to choose, pro-choice advocates also bring into play the idea of a mother's physical safety. Looking at the “Planned Parenthood Website,” they are also pro-choice and will preform an abortion at their clinic. The in clinic abortion on the Planned Parenthood website states that, “In-clinic abortion is offered up to 15 weeks and 6 days after the start of your last menstrual period. If your last period was after 15 weeks and 6 days, we can still help. In-clinic abortions are available by appointment only.” This lets woman who want and need to get an abortion go to their clinics and will preform an abortion for a cheaper price than at a hospital. By having these sources makes it easier for pro-choice woman to get the privacy…