Abortion: Supreme Court of the United States and Refrences Michael Muska Essay

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NOVEMEBER 22nd 2014

I chose to do my assignment on abortion. Some people are pro-abortion, some are totally against it. I am neutral depending on the situation. When it comes to this social issue, it is a massive predicament because a lot of responses come from a critically thought out reason. Most of the time it’s concerning moral or religious values. There have been a lot of ruling back and forth on some specific medicine used in abortions in the U.S. The ruling was against certain medicines shouldn’t be allowed as an abortion method after a certain amount of weeks. “The law allowed the state to issue new rules banning the use of the most common abortion–inducing drug, RU-486, after the seventh week of pregnancy, compared with the current restriction of nine weeks” (Muskal, 2014). I feel women should have the authority in some cases as I stated previously, some would think of them as murderers, Id say let them live with that on their conscience. I am not really for abortions but I have no right to tell a person what to do with their bodies. If a women was raped or the child will be deformed and will suffer their whole life then I may not be so against it. As I stand neutral on the matter. “On April 18, 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the first-ever federal law banning abortion procedures and gave politicians the green light to interfere in the private health care decisions of women and families.” (Anonymous, 2014).
I chose this particular articles because it shows